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p e r f o r m a n c e ⋆ a r t

Creo en la performance como un arte de transformación personal y colectivo, pues mi cuerpo -así como todo organismo- tiene límites porosos; es un nodo dentro de una gran red interconectada con todo el universo. Al modificarse uno de estos nodos, toda la red se modifica.

En la instancia de juego y libertad que es el acto performático puedo cambiar mis modos de percibir e inter-actuar con el medio que que me rodea, puedo modificar estructuras de pensamiento en mi mente, en mi cuerpo y en mis emociones.

When I'm in scene, feeling exposed and vulnerable to the eyes and senses of the public, I become aware of how sacred it is to be alive;
I feel in such an etereal body in which questions and answers are opened and new connections are enabled, I become aware of those unions, and how everything is linked to each other.

The more aware we are of these things that are linked, the more consciousness rises. The more aware we are of the energy field generated by the movement of our body, our mentality, the more refined modifications we can cause in reality.

I have lived connected with arts and magic since I was a child. It's like I would have chosen to channel it.
I've studied visual arts, painting, combined arts, site.specific performance and happening, and more. 
I've been trained in musical theater, action-theatre, butoh, urban dance and vogueig. I dance to survive.

I dance to rise above my EGO, to discover new states of consciousness.

Every time I go into a performance state, or as I like to do it: trans-formance, I lose my limits.I can express myself on other levels of presence, surrounded and sustained by the energy and support of the tribes that form around me.

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