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Ritual Retreat for medicine women


This is a body, mind and spirit transformation experience designed exclusively for women who seek to reconnect with their essence and empower themselves through the ancestral wisdom of natural elements. Dare to explore the sensuality of Tantra dance and the liberating power of Tandava in a safe and welcoming environment. From ancient medicine ceremonies to Ayurvedic massage workshops and ice baths, each day will bring you closer to your true self. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and rebirth. It's time to awaken your inner divinity activating your femenine aclhemical powers.

we have the power to transform our world

Elementales offers an integrative transformation that encompasses body, mind and spirit. Our experience is designed to nourish you from the inside out, starting with a careful selection of nutritional proposals that include detox, Ayurvedic and raw vegan approaches. Through a conscious and balanced diet , we seek to purify and revitalize your body, providing you with the necessary nutrients to enhance your vital energy and strengthen your health. In addition, our Tantra and Tandava dance practices invite you to explore and release your feminine energy, awakening sensuality and connection with your being. Accompanied by ceremonies with ancestral medicines, Ayurvedic massage workshops and ice baths, these experiences will guide you on a journey towards a deep and significant transformation. At Elementales, we offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your essence, heal your body and expand your consciousness, so that you can shine with all your potential and live in harmony with nature and with yourself."

"Elementales Ritual" Schedule (5 Day Retreat)

🌀Day 1: Earth Element


Arrival and registration of participants.

Welcome and orientation to the retreat.

Ginger shoot, cheers to reunion.

Devotion to the element Earth and its symbolism.

Opening ceremony with cocoa medicine.

Chi Kung and Mulhadhara Tantra Dance.

Lunch with a focus on tubers and roots.

Free time for journaling, creative integration and rest.


Nutritious and comforting dinner.

Connection with the energy of Mother Earth through guided meditation.

Rest and preparation for the next day.


🌀Day 2: Fire Element


Energy breakfast.

Preparation for the temazcal experience.

Purification ceremony in the temazcal.

Lunch with spicy foods to activate the internal fire.


Ayurvedic and sensory massage workshop (introduction to tantra massage)

Free time for journaling, creative integration and rest.


Comforting and balanced dinner.

Time to share experiences and reflect.

Circle of medicine songs around the fire.


🌀Day 3:  Air Element (raw vegan diet)


Alchemical breathing workshop

Preparation for the snuff ceremony.

Light and refreshing breakfast.

Free time in silence to self explore

Lunch with light raw vegan food.


Circle of voices medicine, prayers and intentions.


Light and nutritious dinner.

Free time for integration and rest.

Night meditation to connect with the energy of the air.


🌀Day 4: Water Element (liquid detox)


Light and nutritious breakfast.

Tantra Waving Workshop: undulations, serpentines and circularity in body movement

Lunch with herbal infusions and revitalizing juices.


Free time for relaxation and reflection.

Preparation for the ice bath herbal experience.

Immersion ceremony in the ice bath.


Comforting dinner with nutritious soups.

Guided meditation to cleanse the water element, ancestral liberation from the emotions of fear and sadness.

Rest and preparation for the next day.


🌀Day 5: Ether Element


Light and energizing breakfast.

Creative Ayurvedic cuisine laboratory.

Lunch co-created for each dosha biotype.


Session of quantum creation decrees.

Word circle to share reflections.

Closing and gratitude ceremony.

Free time for farewells and final connection.

Celebration snack.


Farewell and delivery of gifts. 


Note: The schedule is subject to change depending on the needs and dynamics of the group, as well as the availability of resources and facilitators. 

never forget your path is elemental.

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